Born in NYC • First salon job was actually two – one on 57th St. and the other in the Five Towns. • The hairstylist I trained with on 57th St was one of the city’s top three at the time. He taught me how to be creative, that not everything had to be a formula • I’m most inspired by Italy, from ancient Rome to La Dolce Vita to now • “In this business, you always have to learn and I’m still learning” • Love TriBeCa’s artistic beginnings, its creative energy, the light, air and sky, the quiet • In my spare time I like to read, go to the theater, study Italian • Secret styling tip: listen to your clients • “A haircut is only perfect if the person wearing it feels good” • If I didn’t love cutting and styling hair, I’d be a therapist, real estate agent or architect • Always be honest, care for the people around you, and never lose your spiritual self


Born in NYC • First salon job was in SoHo in the late 1970s • Most inspired by the creative people I’ve met – painters, sculptors, designers – especially in those early years • Learned through my diverse range of clients how to communicate and get people to open up about what they want for themselves and their hair color • In my spare time I design jewelry, read non fiction and go antiquing • Secret color tip: “Try to enhance your natural color – apply highlights a shade or two from your natural color so you don’t have to repeat it in four weeks” • If I didn’t love the art of coloring, I’d design jewelry with colored stones • Sometimes in life you really do experience the kindness of strangers; since you can’t reciprocate with that person, you can repay them by passing it on to someone else

Our Team

Our stylists, Heidi, Michael & Vincent, have been part of our team for a number of years. Everyone shares the same commitment to the creative and caring nature of our business. It adds to the vitality and the mix—there is someone and something for everyone.

Assistant stylists Carmelina & Tina will be a wonderful part of your Tortola experience. When it comes to clients, they love to indulge and give all clients the same respect and TLC.